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TPO Roof System

One of the fastest growing roof types for flat roofs or being retrofitted to a low slope metal roof is TPO roofing. TPO stands for thermoplastic polyolefin, a single-ply roofing membrane that covers the surface of the roof over a built up system. The name is a bit misleading, because rather than being a plastic, TPO is one of a few different types of rubber, usually a blend of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber. This type of roofing is white on top, which can help to reflect the sun’s light and stop heat buildup within the building making it energy efficient. Other positives include the fact that you have choices in how it is installed; it can be attached with adhesives or fastened directly to the roof deck. It can also be heat welded in places around roof HVAC systems and other protrusions. TPO resists corrosion and break down upon contact with numerous materials. It also doesn’t promote mildew or algae growth and doesn’t require pressure washing. One Ply Roofing is a leading, certified installer of this roof system making us able to offer 10, 15, and 20 year NDL warranties!

Roof Coatings

Roof coatings are typically used in a restorative capacity to prolong the lifespan of an existing roof. Roof coatings can be installed over existing modified bitumen roofing systems, built-up roofing, metal roofing, and spray foam roofing. Multi-year manufacturer warranties also are commonly available.

Modified Bitumen Roofs

Modified bitumen roofing systems are multi-ply systems usually consisting of 2-3 layers of a composite roll and surfaced with granules or foils. These systems are typically utilized in low slope roof areas in conjunction with varying insulations and deck systems but are sometimes installed on steep slope substrates.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing systems typically consist of concealed or exposed fastener systems and rely on concealed metal clips attached to the structure, with the majority of the attachment hidden from view. Metal roofing systems have matching metal trim and flashings. These systems one of the longest lasting roof systems available when properly designed and installed.

This is an amazing company that knows how to get any job done, even the difficult ones. They went above and beyond what was expected of them to put in the roof I wanted.

Jennifer Smith

Michelle Henry

After reviewing and interviewing 5 construction companies, we picked One Ply Roofing. The sales pitch 100% matched the service and final product.

Frank Wright

Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly. From the time they answered the phone to the initial measure and estimate, to the final stage of the roof installed.

Caleb Madara

We've used One Ply Roofing for years! I don't have enough words to express how happy and impressed we are after the work done by Chris and his team.

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