Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair

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Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial Roof Repair. One Ply Roofing Co. specializes in all different types of commercial roofing installation and repairs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We have carved out a solid reputation by doing dependable, on time and high quality commercial roofing work. There is no such thing as a commercial roofing job that is too big or too small for us to handle. Furthermore, we are experts at doing both steep slope and flat roof commercial roofing tasks.

Your commercial roofing project is too important to let just any company take that job on for you. That is why so many companies trust us to get their commercial roofing work done on time and done right. We are a family owned business that is proud of the reputation that we have made over the years in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

That is why at One Ply Roofing Co. we will do everything in our power to make sure your commercial project receives the same high quality work. Superior customer service that has made us one of the most sought after roofing contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding area.


At One Ply Roofing Co. we are both a general contractor and roofing contractor so we know exactly what it takes to get a new commercial roofing project to turn out perfect. Your general contractor and architect have come up with a design you like.

Our roofing design professionals are ready to assist with the project in any way possible and our skilled roofing installation experts can turn even the toughest roofing design into a beautiful finished commercial roof for you. We have been doing this successfully in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex for over 40 years now.

We are fully capable and can expertly handle installing both sloped and flat roof applications. For flat roof applications we can competently install for you a traditional tar and gravel roof. Or a more modern type roofing application such as rubber or spray polyurethane foam (SPF).

Sloped roof commercial applications most often involve installation of the same types of roofing surfaces that are found on residential type homes. These include such materials as asphalt shingles, ceramic tile, slate, composite tile and raised metal roofing products.

 Roof Repair

Roofing problems, especially leaks, are something that no business owner wants to delay repairing. Even the smallest of leaks can travel to places you don’t want moisture. Over time these can do an incredible amount of structural damage that can be extremely costly to repair.

That is why you should call One Ply Roofing Co. whenever you notice there may be a problem with your roof. Or there are visible signs inside your commercial property that there is a leak somewhere.

We would be happy to travel to your Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, Arlington, Plano or metroplex area business. At that time we will also provide you with a fair and detailed estimate for the work.

We can also supply you with ideas for installing upgraded types of roofing materials. At that time we can also provide you with an of what type of roofing work you will most likely need done in the near future. This is so you have time to financially prepare for it.

At One Ply Roofing Co. we can even help you with any insurance claims that relate to the roofing repair that you need too. We have an outstanding reputation with the areas insurance carriers as a company that does thorough inspections.

Offers fair roof repair pricing and completes the projects we take on without cutting corners and creating further headaches. What does this type of reputation mean for you when we help you handle your roof repair claim? It means our estimates get approved quickly and your roof can be put back to normal in the shortest time possible.